Goldfinch pianos are handmade in Cambridge, England.

In our 10,000 sq ft facility you’ll find a team of dedicated artisans, technicians and craftsmen lovingly creating the finest pianos in the world. These are the magicians of Goldfinch. Their deep-rooted expertise and technical knowledge brings your vision to life, and with it, the impressive dynamic response and irresistible tone for which Goldfinch pianos have become internationally renowned.

Design & Specification

From initial concept through to execution, your Goldfinch is designed to be truly exceptional.

We combine irreplaceable, time-proven techniques with computer-aided design (CAD) and 21st century innovation. Here, heritage craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art design processes, and finely-honed cutting edges meet the very latest in laser technology. This unique and potent combination produces some of the finest pianos in the world.

Belly & Stringing

Only the finest solid spruce, from the Valle de Fiemme in the north Italian Alps, is good enough for our master craftsmen. Using treasured techniques, this incredible wood is precisely engineered to create the tonal heart of your Goldfinch piano.

Every detail of your instrument is individually handcrafted, right down to the measurement, calculation, manufacture and fitting of each of the 230 strings. There is simply no other way to achieve that rich, velvety inimitable Goldfinch tone.


Action & Regulating

Each Goldfinch piano is meticulously calibrated.

From friction coefficiency, string tension and anharmonicity: to hammer dimensions, density and deflection; we refine and perfect until we’ve achieved the best possible dynamic response from your piano. As with a bespoke suit, your piano should be perfectly tailored to you. Our complex calibration process ensures perfectly weighted keys which appear to fuse with your fingers. Now you are able to succinctly express your slightest whim—be it a tinkle of laughter or a roar of thunder.
It is this unique refining process, custom-built for you that makes a Goldfinch piano so special.

Casework & Finishing

Many of the world’s finest interiors are built around a grand piano.

As a sophisticated focal point, a grand piano adds a timeless grandeur that lights up a space even before the seductive allure of its music is heard. Often regarded as its jewel-in-the-crown, a grand piano represents the life-blood of a home—its soulful heartbeat. A place where laughter and song ring out. Or a place to enjoy the tranquil solitude of play. But Goldfinch pianos are so much more than music. Every bespoke finish: from the deep glow of a traditional French polish to the bright dazzle of modern lacquer—or something completely different altogether—is uniquely created especially for you. Almost anything is possible.


Our self-play system ‘Virtuoso’ can physically take control of your Goldfinch piano.

At the touch of a button or swipe of an app, keys spring to life and a live performance is set in motion. As if played by some invisible virtuoso, your piano will accurately reproduce the full expression and dynamism of the original performance, from pianissimo to fortissimo—and over 1,000 graduations in between. Your very own ‘resident’ concert pianist is available 24 hours a day, to perform and perfectly reproduce the finest nuances of expression, for any song you may care to choose.